Check Expiry Date of LPG Gas Cylinders in India

Now you can easily check expiry date of LPG gas cylinders at home in India. LPG gas cylinder's expiry date is printed on the iron plate at top of the LPG cylinder.


You might be surprised reading title of this post, but yes, it’s true. Now you can check the expiry date of a LPG Gas cylinder in India. Every LPG cylinder you get delivered at your home has the expiry date printed on it.

Now the price of LPG gas cylinders are raising very high day by day, so there may be possibility to misused that to meet the rising demand.

Every LPG gas cylinder we use in our home, canteen, hotels has an expiry date in other words has a statuary due date to statutory testing in which it goes under a checking test for its defects.

Earlier you had to contact LPG gas agency or company, if you ever wish to check expiry date of LPG Gas cylinder. But now you can check it yourself at your home.

LPG Gas Cylinder Expiry Date Checking Procedure in India

When LPG Gas Cylinder delivered at your home, never pay the bill to the delivery man without checking the expiry date, gas cylinder weight and total charged amount.

Well, now I am we are going to show you how to check expiry date of LPG cylinders in India. Expiry date is printed on one of the three iron plates at top of cylinder, something looks like D-13 or D.13.

LPG Gas Cylinder Expiry Date
D-13 is a code word expiry date of a gas cylinder.

As per deputy manager Mr. S K Jain (Indian Oil Corporation Limited -IOCL) {Times of India}, alphabets and number indicates the month and year of expiry. As shown in the above image and in that image there is code D-13 which indicates the expiry date for above LPG cylinder that is October, 2013.

So this was the trick to check expiry date of a LPG Gas cylinder via this alphanumeric code. There are 4 alphabets to check out the months that is “A” “B” “C” “D” shows the quarter series of months of a year, means “A” stands for first three months which is “January, February, March” (first quarter) in the same manners “B” stands for “April, May, June” (second quarter), “C” stands for “July, August, September” (third quarter) and “D” stands for “October, November, December” (fourth quarter).

And, any number which written after alphabets like D-13 which means “13” refers for 2013. If there is “D-15” which means October, 2015 is expiry date of LPG cylinder.

It was not pretty hard to find the LPG Gas Cylinder expiry date as it was seem. Using an expired LPG Cylinder may cause hazardous accident. So it’s always important to check expiry of LPG Gas cylinder before accepting the delivery.

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