Delete Twitter Tweets in Bulk – Automatically & Permanently


Having so many old twitter tweets? Want to delete all twitter tweets in bulk? Check out top web-based online tools or apps that can help you to delete tweets in bulk automatically & permanently. These tools easily filter and remove your mass twitter tweets quickly.

If you are using Twitter since a very long time, then it could be happens overflowing with a lots of old Twitter tweets and you would probably wish to know that how to delete all tweets at once.

delete tweets in bulkA lot of tweets on Twitter profile seem very odd and also there is an important reason to wipe out your previous tweets because such account may be marked as spam by Twitter application due to lots of tweets. Users post same tweets again and again. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t have any in-built facility that can help users to delete all these old tweets in a single click.

Well, look upon below web-based apps to mass delete tweets on Twitter. Delete all tweets at one go.

How to Delete Tweets In Bulk Quickly

Below are some most popular third-party web-based tools that allow users to delete tweets in bulk easily and quickly –

Twitlan – The Twitlan is online tool which simply loads your entire Twitter tweets, and then you can easily delete all tweets at once. You can choose the tweets to delete such as All or some of the Twitter tweets. This tool loads around 100 in bulk by default, even you can load more to delete tweets. You can load more tweets about 500 to 1000, it may take some time to load tweets.

TweetEraser – The TweetEraser is an another online web-based tool, which filter your entire Twitter posts and delete tweets in bulk. There are not much things to do there. Simply log in with your existing Twitter account by visiting TweetEraser website and give access authorization to this twitter app. After authorizing it, you can filter your Twitter tweets upon the basis of search criteria. This tools will automatically calculate the tweets on your Twitter account and will remove or delete only 350 tweets per hour as per the new Twitter API rules. After an hour you go further to delete next 350 tweets.

Twitwipe – If you want to delete old tweets, there could be any reason, Twitwipe deletes all your twitter tweets in a single click. Go to twitwipe app and sign in with your Twitter account, finally it is ready to clean your tweets.

TweetDelete – Automatically delete old twitter posts than a specified time period from Twitter feed. TweetDelete is another popular tool to delete tweets bulk. It has a limitation of tweets delete upto 3200 at a time.

Use above tools wisely because once your Twitter tweets are deleted, there is no way to recover deleted tweets. So only erase all tweets, when you are confirmed that you will never need the tweets in future.

You can also consider to download tweets from twitter as a Twitter Archive via Twitter Settings. If you think you may need them again and later on, you can delete tweets in bulk forever.

Hope the above online apps will be proven helpful to learn how to delete all tweets at once twitter. If you know any other ways to delete tweets in bulk, please share with us via comments below.

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