Warning Heart Attack Symptoms in Women & Men


Heart attack symptoms are vary from person to person, sings of a heart attack in women are different than they are in a men. It’s not unisex. What we think as a heart attack pain – it seems an elephant sitting on your chest – it’s most likely to occur in men than a women. In the medicated terms, Heart attack is also called heart stroke & Myocardial Infarction.

Probably you may know that the main cause of heart attack is clogged of arteries, but you might be to aware that an artery doesn’t need to be completely clogged for a deadly heart attack.

As per the online survey, approximately 40 percent of Americans die from heart attacks every year and around 25 percent peoples die from silent heart stroke without any prior intimation.

Have you ever think that why heart diseases are so deadly? Let me tell you, because people are not much aware about the signs of Myocardial Infarction and even they don’t know how to handle the case, if someone falls in chest pain all of a sudden. However heart attack signs are not always rapid.

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The attack causes by so many factors like increasing of cholesterol, high blood pressure, chain smoking, diabetes and sometimes also happens due to family history. If someone in your family was suffering from heart disease, it may increase the chances.

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Peoples usually ignore the chest pain, thinking that it may be due to cold or other things. But you should be aware about the general signs.

Well here we have some warning sings of heart attack in men and women. Let’s have a look.

Warning Signs of Heart Attack

Chest Pain: If you are feeling that your chest is discomfort, you should immediately contact to your doctor. Chest pain is the major symptom of heart attack, but it is not only the cause of heart stroke. It may be happen due to other ailments.

When chest pain arises, it seems like tons of weight is putting on your chest. You will feel like burning sensation inside, some kind of pressure and uncomfortable while squeezing.

Back Body Pain: You will feel so discomfort and pain in the upper area of the stomach like heavy pain in both of the arms, neck, shoulders, jaw, etc. The pain can be gradual or sudden. It may wake up you, if you are sleeping.

Sweating: Suddenly cold sweating is the common symptom of heart attack. Suppose you are sitting on a chair and relaxing yourself, then sweating starts suddenly like you had a heavy work out. Immediately contact to your doctor, if you do not likely sweat like that. There is no other reason for it.

Breathlessness: Almost 58 percent of women report inability or panting to carry on a conversation with some because they could not catch their breath.

Other Symptoms: Will feel so tired without no reason, heaving cold sweating, dizziness, Weakness, etc.

If you think any of the above heart attack symptom you’re also suffering from, don’t dismiss the thing saying that I will check it later or it may be happens due to age factor. It is recommended to immediately contact your physician.

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