How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes Automatically


Earlier I have posted on how to increase facebook page likes free using web-page script and today I am introducing you with a most popular online service that will help you to increase Facebook likes free and automatically without using any third-party app, webpage script or API authentication.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site in the world. Its global rank is 2 according to alexa top sites list and to keep on the web market, you must have your own Facebook fan page. A Facebook fan page plays an important role to increase website traffic as well as get connected with site’s subscribers and to do so, you always needed to increase facebook likes.

Many users spend a lot of money to increase facebook page likes, however they all are worthless or costs too much. Well, today I will show you how to increase Facebook likes free without spending a single penny.

Automatically Increase Facebook Likes Free with AddMeFast

1. Visit AddMeFast – third party services that helps to increase facebook followers.

2. Click on Try For Free Now button.

3. Register a free account. After simple registration, AddMeFast will send you a confirmation email on your email ID that you have registered on AddMeFast, just login to that email ID and confirm the AddMeFast account by clicking on confirmation link in the email.

4. After email confirmation. Log in to AddMeFast website using your email ID and password and click on Add Site/Page button.

5. Once you click on Add Site/Page, you will see something like below screenshot. Now choose Facebook Likes in Type column and keep tick mark on Countries field as a WORLDWIDE. In the Title field, type your site/page title and in the Page URL field, enter your Facebook page URL for what you want to get free Facebook likes automatically. Leave the Total Clicks and Daily Clicks as it is and in the CPC coloum, you can specify the points to be deduct on each likes. CPC should be enter between minimum: 2 and maximum: 10.

increase facebook likes

6. Now click on Save Changes and its done.

Note: You must have points in your account to increase Facebook likes. It works on Coins Per Click (CPC) basis. You will have to earn points to increase Facebook page likes.

If you select minimum CPC, it will increase Facebook likes very slow. If you choose maximum CPC (ex: 10), AddMeFast will increase Facebook page likes very fast.

Hope the above tutorial to automatically increase facebook page likes free will be proven helpful. If you know any other best online services or tools to increase facebook likes, share with us. Do you use any other trick or hack to auto increase liker? Do comments below.


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