How to Hack a Computer Password with Pendrive


Want to hack hack a computer passwords like username and password? In this tutorial you will learn how to hack computer password using  a USB storage media (pen drive).

You can hack computer password on any PC without looking into the core files. To do so, you just need to connect a flash drive with password cracker software into the target PC and it will automatically hack windows password on the go.

This is just an auto hacking USB drive that steal Windows credentials automatically and stores hacked materials on your removal disk.

Well, this computer password hacking software doesn’t need to be installed on any PC, hence it’s a portable tool. Simply copy some bat files in your pen drive and connect that pen drive into the target computer that you want to hack and within couple of seconds it will automatically hack computer password with no efforts.

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We post computer hacking tricks at Elkees Media just for learning purpose and preventing yourself from being hacked. Our aim is to aware peoples about these kinds of hacking tricks and tips so that no one can easily cheat you.

hack computer password
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Below are process that will help you to make an auto-hacking USB drive to hack a computer password and other credential information including login details (gmail, facebook password), outlook passwords, operating system product keys, etc.

Stuff Needed to Hack Computer Password

Below are the things that you will need for a successful operation.

  • An USB removal disk (pendrive). It could be of any size/capacity.
  • 2 minutes permission to access your enemy’s computer (desktop or laptop).
  • Hacking tools to hack computer password including usernames, passwords, products license keys, etc.

Above tools will your create an auto hacking flash drive and it will contains applications that recover password from a computer. The apps are: MessenPass, Mail PassView, IE PassView, PasswordFox, Protected Storage PassView and some batch files.

How to Hack a Computer Password with a Flash Drive

1. Free download password finder tool on your computer and open pcinfo folder in the downloaded file.

2. Copy all files and folders from pcinfo folder and paste these files in your pen drive’s main directory (root location).

3. Now your auto-hacking tool is ready to hack computer password. Simply plug this pen drive into that computer which you want to hack and wait for atleast 2 minutes.

4. After sometime remove your pen drive and connect it into your machine. Now open dump folder in your pen drive, here you will find all the hacked details.

For better instructions to hack computer password, see “Read Me First” notepad file in downloaded tool.

Note: Some of the antivirus software detect this tool as an infected files that is not actually. These password hacking tools only contains batch files and trusted Windows apps. So don’t forget to temporary disable your antivirus before using this tool to hack a computer password.

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