Watch Adult Videos on YouTube Without Logging In


YouTube has some fair policy for age factor videos browsing. Without logging in to YouTube, you can not watch sexy videos / 18+ adult clips or age restricted videos flagged by YouTube’s users.

Sometimes when you suppose to watch adult videos on YouTube, it ask you to sign in for age verification and shows a warning message.

Content Warning: This video may be inappropriate for some users.

These adult videos categorized in nudity, violence or explicit language category and peoples without logging in YouTube or Google Account cannot watch these types of sexy videos as per YouTube policy.

Those people who don’t have Google account or don’t want to log in YouTube just for watching a adult video clip that has determined as potentially by other YouTube viewers, they can go through the below tricks to watch sexy videos on YouTube.

Below are the 4 simple trick to watch restricted YouTube videos online without any app, add-on, extension or plugin.

Trick to Watch Sexy Videos (18+ Adult) on YouTube

This is the first trick to watch 18+ YouTube videos. Generally all YouTube videos URL looks like this:

To watch sexy videos on YouTube, just replace “watch” with “watch_popup” in the YouTube link to play adult video immediately without any age restriction notification. It will not ask for YouTube age verification and will play age restricted videos inside your internet browser in full screen mode.

After replacing with watch_popup, YouTube URL will look like below URL that will give you access to watch adult videos on YouTube.

As of now above YouTube trick is working fine to watch sexy videos on YouTube. In case if you are facing any issue with the above trick, you can also try another trick to watch 18+ videos.

Just copy the YouTube video ID (refer to screenshot) that you wish to watch and replace that ID in any of the below URL and try this particular URL in your web browser.

watch sexy videos

You can also bypass age restriction to watch adult videos via NSFW YouTube, simply add nsfw just before and after www. as shown in below example.

If none of the above YouTube trick work for you, then that YouTube adult video have disabled the embed option. Also if you have turned on Safety Mode, you will not be able to search and watch sexy videos (18+ adults or age restricted videos) on YouTube.

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