Listen to Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation Secretly – Spy Trick


People often find the ways on Google about the Spy Mobile Phone trick to listen someone’s telephone conversation secretly. There are huge spy mobile phone apps available on the internet that claim to provide intercept live calls on someones cell phone, however they are useless or costs to much.

These mobile phone spy software and phone apps don’t actually work as we expect. So in order to help our readers to find the best way to spy someone by listening to someone else’s conversation, here I am posting this spy tutorial that will let anyone to hear someone live calls.

In this spy mobile phone trick you will learn how to listen someone’s conversation secretly. You will be able to hear another person conversation by making a hidden call.

With this home-made gadget, you will be able to hear each words spoken between two person. After trying this mobile spy trick with your cell phone, you will feel like you have a powerful spy monitoring tool on your hand. So give it a try, it’s really very awesome.

spy mobile phone
Secretly listen someone’s cell phone conversation.

To make a spy mobile phone gadget, you’ll need the following stuffs.

  1. A Old Mobile Phone like Nokia 1100 or any non-multimedia mobile phone.
  2. A Pair of Headset (should be compatible with your phone).
  3. And off course Active Listening Skills.

Don’t worry we are not going to discuss about any paid mobile app, tool or software. This is a simple home made trick to prank with someone. You can use this trick for fun as well as it could be a very serious for you.

A simple mobile phone and a headset is enough for a successful spy mobile phone trick, you don’t need to spend even a single penny.

How to Make a Spy Mobile Phone Tool?

1. Connect the headset with your cell phone.

2. Look around the phone settings under phone menu and find for enhancement or headset. Select the ‘enhancement in use’ as headset or headphone (example for Nokia C2:- Menu => Settings => Accessories => Headset).

3. Simply “enable” or “on” automatic answer so that all incoming calls are automatically answered.

4. Now go the Profile settings of your phone and set it to silent profile or set the ringing volume to zero and don’t forget to disable the vibration alert as well otherwise this may destroy your complete game.

Also make sure that the display and incoming calls lights of your cell phone are turned off or hide your phone in such a place where the phone’s lights cannot be noticed. These settings are mandatory so that your phone will not make any notification when a new call lands.

Just place your mobile phone in a hidden place like below sofa set, flower pots, behind curtains; from where all the conversation voice can be easily heard through this cell phone.

Now Your Spy Mobile Phone is Ready to Listen to Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation Secretly & Totally Free.

To hear mobile phone conversations between someone, just follow the above provided instructions and make a voice call on your hidden phone from any other mobile phone. As you have configured your cell phone to automatically answer, as soon as you call to that hidden phone, your call will be answered automatically and you would be able to hear conversation secretly by using your home-made spy mobile phone gadget.

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Extra Tips: If you are using a smartphone like Samsung galaxy or any other phone, then you can also install any call recording app to record that conversation for later use.

You need to be little smarter while using the things on how you will manipulate the situation just in-case you have caught. Make this spy mobile phone tool wisely and listen another person conversation secretly by just a call.

Hope this quick guide on how to make a home-made spy gadget to listen to someone’s cell phone conversation free will be proven helpful for you. Please share your story via comment below about the experience you had with this trick.

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