If you are using Google account, then you may know about Google Chat service. Basically Google allows users to chat with their Google contacts while using the Google email service at the same time. The Google Chat is a web based chat system that works pretty good like an instant PC messenger – Google Talk and like other instant messenger chat, Google chat also records communications by default as a Google Chat History.

The system automatically keeps the record of Google chat history and with the access to your account, your chat partner or anyone else can easily look into your past chat sessions.

Google chat has some cool features like text chatting, share emoticons, call the user, send files, more and Google keeps the chat records in your account by default.

If you are single account user and other Google accounts are not connect with your account, then it may not be a problem. But if the email account is shared, then you could be in a great trouble. All in case, if you are using a family or a company account.

There are two options available to enable, disable chat history. The very first option allows users to completely disable the Google chat history. After disabling the chat history, your future chats will not be recorded at all. Your chat history will not be accessed or searched by any person after the sessions closes.

Save or Never Save Google Chat History

Simply log in to your Gmail account and click on the small Gear Icon located on the top right corner near by your profile photo. Now click on the Settings and switch to Chat tab. Click here to directly visit to Google Chat Settings page.

google chat history

Here you will see two options, to disable Google chat history, simply select the option Chat off and to enable chat history, just select the Chat on and click Save Changes.

Do More With Google Chat History Settings

Sometimes users only want to block chat history of a particular person / contacts or want to delete Google chat history.

Delete Google Chat History: To look into the previous chat history that has been recorded earlier by Google, simply type in:chat into the search bar of Gmail homepage and hit enter. The entire chat history will be appear right in front of you with the option to delete them from records.

Turn off Chat Recording: To disable chat recording for a particular contact during chat, click on the More (down arrow icon) located on the top right corner of the chat window and select Go off the record. Once you select, it will show you a message stating that you are now off the records.

This option will block chat history for a particular contact, with that user Google chat history will no longer saved neither in your Gmail account nor the chat partner’s account.

The above tutorial explained you how to delete, enable, disable Google chat history from your Google account.

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