Utility Tools For Windows XP for Self Maintenance


Windows XP is the most popular operating system in the world, before Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8, Win XP was widely used OS. It is also best in features and inbuilt security systems.

As of now, Windows XP is no more available on the market and Microsoft has been shutted down the support for Windows XP. But if you are still using this OS and having some problem with the operating system performance, you can use top 5 in-build tools of Windows XP for self maintenance or to repair your machine at home.

Windows XP has best utility tools that help users to maintain OS performance easily. Periodically maintenance of computer helps operating system to run speedily and increase the processing of windows.


Maintaining your computer well may prevents Windows XP from crashing OS so often. There are plenty of onsite computer maintenance service providers everywhere, but they cost too much. You should be little smarter to save your earnings from spending dollars on computer AMC services companies.

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Well, let’s continue with this topic. With the great features and tools, windows XP also has inbuilt feature for high securities. Windows security tools help to keep your machine more secure from hackers and fishers.

Top 5 Utility Tools For Windows XP

Disk Cleanup: It helps to clean up your system’s hard drive. Use disk cleanup tool to free up some disk space that is occupied by temp files, internet cache files and other unusable programs files. Disk cleanup deletes unnecessary files form your computer.

Disk Fragmenter: It is basically use restructure the default files on your computer’s hard drive. Disk fragmenter consolidates the fragmented files and folders so that every files and folders occupies single, contiguous space on the drive’s volume. It is little same as disk cleanup, as it also free up the volume space. To use disk defragmenter, you need an administrator access.

System Restore: It is use for restore previous taken action. If a issue occurs, you can use system restore to restate the change on you computer. It also does not effect any saved files means restore without losing any data. You can also role back installed software & application on your windows XP machine.

Backup: This backup tool in windows XP helps you to make a copy of your personal files, folders and other information stored on your hard drive. If your data has deleted accidentally, you can use backup tool to restore your damage or lost data.

Remote Assistance: It is just like TeamViewer software that helps peoples to connect system remotely an share the desktop screen. To use remote assistance tool, you must have an internet or network connection. If you trust someone, you can ask tech expert for the technical help remotely using remote assistance.

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