Publish Blog Posts Directly from MS Word to Blogger


Microsoft office word 2007, 2010 and 2013 has an inbuilt feature that allows bloggers to connect their blogger account with MS word and facilitate you to directly publish blog posts from word to BlogSpot, WordPress, etc.

Well today I am going to show you how to publish blog posts automatically from Word to blogger. Many blogger just use MS Word for writing blog posts only and to publish it on their blog, they copy-paste the content into the online blogs. Many bloggers don’t know about this feature of MS Word.

It helps content writers to publish their blog posts directly from Microsoft word to blogger platforms because many bloggers use Microsoft word for writing posts or articles. Bloggers don’t need to copy-paste the written content from word to their blog to publish that. As a blogger I know that this is a lengthy and time consumption process. So get ready to publish blog posts from word to WordPress, blogger, etc., it can save your valuable time.

Write and Publish Blog Posts Directly from Word to Blogger

Instead of using any other article writing software, you can use Microsoft office word as it has many useful features like grammar and spelling check. MS word supports major blogger platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, SharePoints blog, Community Server and others.

Just connect your blog with MS word and start publishing your blog posts right from the office word.

However MS office word 2007 and later versions have integrated with this feature for publishing blog posts directly, but I am using MS Office 2010, so I am explaining you according to this version.

First you need a MS blog post template to create a new blog post, so first open MS Word and navigate to File => New => Blog Post => Create (see below screenshot).

blog posts

Once you start creating a post, you will get a new blank sheet and a popup box that will ask you to Register a Blog account. Click on Register Now and select your blogger platform (ex: WordPress), then click on Next button.

blog posts

Next step will ask you to enter your blog URL, User Name and Password. Don’t forget to click on Remember Password option as it will not ask you to enter your account password again and again (If you wish to enter your account password each time, you can leave as it is).

blog posts

After setting up your blog account, click on OK button, it will show a disclaimer message, simply click Yes. When you finished everything, you will see a popup that your account has been registered successfully.

Now you are ready to create and publish articles right from the office word.

blog posts

Your blogger account has been connected with MS word, simply write your post and click on Publish button. You can also publish your blog post as draft.

blog posts

Now here was the steps for a hassle free blogging. Don’t you thing, it’s an extremely useful time saving tips for busy blogger.

Is above method working fine in publishing blog posts from word to blogger? Please share your feedback via comment below as it is important for us to improve our work quality.

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